Week 19 – DPWotY

This week is a short week as far as the blog, week 19 has us taking our first looks at the Dedicant Oath and what it means to us, much as we are looking at what Our Druidry is to us and what our Hearth Culture means to us.

Although the Dedicant Oath is a while off yet (another 20 odd weeks from memory) Rev. Dangler suggests beginnning to look at it now, to figure out what talks to us about the ‘Old Ways’ and how our other paths interact with Neo-Pagan druidry if they do at all.

He also suggests that we consider our patrons and what they might like to see in our oaths, although it is strongly recommended not to make an oath to any particular one or thing in the Dedicant Oath it doesn’t mean that we can’t consider aspects that our patrons find favourable such as patience, wit and cunning (those three are examples I chose, not suggested by Rev. Dangler) and find a way that they fit into the Oath.

Finally we are doing more work on the ‘Inner Grove’ working towards finding a tool, this is continuing on from other weeks. I’ve downloaded the audio for this but haven’t had a whirl at it yet.

So to the questions we go!

What aspects of the Old Ways appeal to you most?

The sheer reverence for nature and the world around us, the fact that nature was important to our ancestors, even if someone of it could be said to be based on needing to understand the wild places and the harshness of their lands. They found wonder in life, the seasons and nature and through it a spiritual balance. Perhaps this is just me romantacising it but the joy and wonder I experience working in nature makes me certain I’m not.

Have you encountered any sorts of powers that have aided you?

Yes as I have discussed previously I have two patrons, of varying steadyness. I also feel that I have a firm grasp on a relationship with nature spirits, I deal with them almost daily gardening here on the edges of a small town. I’ve always made them welcome and tried to do things that they enjoy, like not using harsh chemicals if I can avoid it, providing food and shelter for wildlife and slowly building up the plants that are beneficial to bees, butterflies and birds. In return they always respond happily when I call on them and I seem to have more luck with my garden than me neighbours, despite the fact I have less money to spend on it.

Have you setttled on a specific Hearth Culture?

Yes. I came to ADF as a Heathen and I have retained that hearth culture, however my grove that I attend has a Celtic slant to it and I have ended up with a Celtic Patron, so although I tend to focus on Heathen aspects in my practice I try to make sure I keep balance with the Morrigan too. Whether this means that I will end up with a dual Hearth Culture practice at home I do not know. However I think that the hearth cultures work in well with ADF and Neo-Pagan druidry, and that there can be a balance maintained.

Do you have a/some patron(s)? What would they like to see in your oath do you think?

Yes. I have two. The first patron is Loki and the second and more recent one is the Morrigan.

I think the Morrigan wants to see honesty and realism, no promises made that cannot be kept. She is pragmatic in my experience, but also brave. I think she would like to see something about not shying away from challenges and being brave when it matters. Not foolish types of bravery though.

I think Loki wants to see people learn and grow and not lose the joy and wonder of the world. I think he would like to see some consideration to being just and fair, along with some modesty. Perhaps a desire to continue learning new things and not to assume that you know best, to listen when others speak. Finally to laugh and bring laughter, remember not to take everything too seriously at the expense of never enjoying anything.

Finally, do these thoughts and views conflict with the virtues and commitments of Neo-Pagan Druidry?

I don’t think so, none of these aspects are mean spririted and a lot of them tie into the vitues in some way, certainly none of these undermine the virtues in any way, only re-enforces them further.

So apparently we need to have finished our IE text in six weeks time, I’m not too worried about that, I’m more worried that in six weeks time makes it week 25 and we have two more texts to go. Eeep!