Week 11 – DPWotY

Week eleven of Through the Wheel of the Year has us looking at the two powers, for this we are reading the sections of Our Own Druidry that discuss the Two Powers and what they are, there are a few optional readings, however I haven’t bought any of the books that are in that sections so I’ll be looking at the Our Own Druidry information primarily and the article about Active Two Powers Meditation from the members articles of the ADF website.

Rev Dangler suggests we aren’t ready to write our Two Powers essay after reading these parts, and I agree but I’m going to leave some notes from what I’ve read so far.

The first of the two powers is the Underworld Power and this power seems to be about the deep primal powers, the waters beneath the earth that all life comes from, the Earth Mother, the place of potential. The deep burning magma that heats our planet from within, and deep in the underworld if I understand it correctly is where we find memory from all the worlds, past, present and possibly future.

The second of the two powers is the Heaven Power and this power stems from the cosmos above us, from the stars and the moon, and can be bought out by fire. This is the powers that give us individuality, it is about creativity.

It seems that when these two powers meet and combine we get chaos and raw energy that can be used for sorcery, this is the birth place of magic. This is raw potential, at this point it can be anything and when we are channeling the two powers through things like the Two Powers meditation we are filled with potential, we may gain clairty of vision, or purpose.

At this point many people find themselves at the world tree or somewhere similar and experience the joy of being connected. When this form of meditation is used in ritual (which it turns out I’ve been doing already with my grove and just didn’t realise) we are able to connect to the waters and share our energies around the circle.

I’ve been kind of lucky really because I have already been doing this form of meditation at the grove I have had the time to get the visualisation there, however now I am starting to learn more about the background of it, which will give me a greater understanding than I previously had.

I’ve enjoyed this form of meditation a lot, doing it with the others, guided by the scholar of the group each time and look forward to trying it out at my nature spot by myself.


Week 8 – DPWotY

So week eight of the outline given by Rev Dangler is all about meditation, my plan has been to try many different forms of meditation throughout the DP so I will have a broader understanding of the forms and later I can settle on a preferred type or types.

So for the first session I used a guided meditation, using the structure that the grove I attend does. I really enjoy the visualisation of this form, becoming a tree essentially, growing roots out into the ground and branches up into the sky, connecting with everything around you. It is very peaceful.

So something I’ve found so far with meditation is that breathing is important, long deep breaths seem to work best for getting into the ‘zone’ so to speak.

There is something so peaceful about the sensations while meditating, the animals around you, the feel of the air on your skin, the sounds of the trees whispering, their leaves rustling against each other gently, the feel of the earth beneath you.

Rev. Dangler suggests making note of what animals appear around you and what you sense during these meditations. Not surprisingly ravens (I follow a Heathen path) were involved in my first meditation, I had stopped by the oldest oak in the oak gully I like to visit and I could hear them nearby as I meditated, and sure enough when I opened my eyes there they were, three ravens perched on a lower hanging branch watching me curiously.

Anyway that is enough for this post, I have a lot more coming as I catch up on my blogging for the DP.