Week 17 – DPWotY

So I’m finally, finally, finally typing up the week for the blog on time, meaning I have caught up on the blog entries. It is kind of scary because this the third High Day done and dusted, week 17 is pretty much the one third mark for doing the DP, well I say that but I honestly think that even once all the requirements have been met from the point of view of attending rituals, meditating, maintaining nature awareness, etc. there will still be a lot of work to do. The essays will need to be written properly, the journals polished and the book reviews tightened up into a coherently explanatory essay.

That being said it is kind of exciting, Beltane is seven months away and that was my goal, to be ready to submit the DP course work at Beltane. I think I’m in equal parts terror and excitement at this stage, a deer in the headlights possibly.

So anyway. The recap.

This was Lughnassa for us here in the SH and on Sunday 5th it was a warm (32 degrees celsius) muggy day (78% humidity) with large storms threatening (they held off until we were driving home), I was there in plenty of time since I had dance rehersals with my Morris Side before hand in the same park that the ritual was to take place in.

It was a decent turnout of people at the ritual, having been well advertised, there were a large number of non-ADF members there but it was still very exciting. I lost track but I’m pretty sure by the time ritual started there were sixteen of us there, seventeen if you count the doggo that was there. 🙂

So being run by an ADF grove it ran following the core order of ritual, celebrating Celtic pantheon. This ritual ran very smoothly, possibly the smoothest one I’ve been to since I was a member of ADF, and despite the large number of non-members at the ritual. There was the usual fumbled line here and there but it really was the only thing that went wrong. There were no interuptions, no panicked people needing to leave, the tree didn’t shed parts this time and even the fire lit smoothly. Now that I’m feeling more relaxed with the grove I didn’t fumble a single thing, which was really pleasing.

Lugh was the diety of the occassion for this ritual, which is fitting really and Mannan mac Lir was once again the Gatekeeper for the ritual.

The grove likes to share skills for this ritual so we had a variety of ‘offerings’, one person gave a piece of obsidian to the grove treasures and an athame hand crafted out of birch wood, another gave everyone home made frankincense pouches, another offered some mugwort from thier garden to the flames, a farrier of the group offered up a horseshoe to the grove treasures, someone offered up chocolates, one of the members offered up a herbal smudge they had made to the flames, there was a zucchini slice offered made from produce that came from their property, a tale of Lugh by the senior druid, a poem by another and I offered up herbs and rhubarb from my garden.

The omen was once again drawn from Ogham Oracle cards, this time we drew Alder which was pronounced to mean shield, guidance and protection. This was decided that it meant that we were being guided and protected and was thus a postive omen and was accepted.

Once again I could feel the Nature Spirits during the ritual but I also felt like I could sense Lugh there, I like to think he was pleased by the groves tradition of sharing our skills with each other and the kindreds.

I really loved the skill sharing part of offerings that the grove does for Lughnassa, it really added to the feeling of community that the grove has and was a marvellous idea. It took me weeks to decide what I was going to do for my skill share and I think it is a great way to get people to think about what skills the posses and what they have to offer to their community.

With that I think I have reached the end of the recap.


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